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Modify Tappet Plate Ver.2

Modify Tappet Plate Ver.2

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Tappet Plate for AEG V2.


Modify's Tappet Plate Version 2 is designed for V2 AEG gearbox (M4, M16, etc.). Made of reinforced polycarbonate to be stronger and durable, Modify's upgraded  Tappet Plate minimizes wear.

Modify's AEG Tappet Plate V2 has a unique design to reduce the contact area with the gearbox to achieve a faster reaction.

 Tappet Plate Function
An Tappet Plate is important to an airsoft AEG gearbox. It is connected to an air seal nozzle via a spring and nub on a sector gear. Its motion enables an air nozzle to feed  BBs into a hop-up unit.

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