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Modify Quantum Piston (with Nitroflon Coating)

Modify Quantum Piston (with Nitroflon Coating)

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Modify Quantum Piston Features

    • Full steel teeth rack with Nitroflon coated surfaces.
    • Lightweight polycarbonate construction.
    • For high power / high-speed application.
    • Perfect length ratio of the lubricant rails along the side gives an absolutely faultless performance inside the gearbox.
    • Reduce noise and rapid wear to increase smoothness and durability.


Modify Quantum Piston: Full steel teeth rack, Nitroflon coated, Strengthened Piston

Modify Quantum Piston is a newly-designed full steel teeth rack, Nitroflon coated, strengthened piston, features improved rigidity, unequal-length track for perfect contact against  gearbox.

With superior stiffness, the lightweight polycarbonate construction, coupled with the unequal-length track, the piston not only reduces the load on the gearbox but also delivers superior performance. 

Modify Quantum Piston with full steel teeth rack, wear-resistant, Nitroflon coated steel alloy material, Modify Quantum Piston has a high strength to suit modifications for high-speed shooting, high torque applications.

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