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Modify Gearbox Shim Set

Modify Gearbox Shim Set

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Modify Standard AEG Shim Set

Shims of 4 gauge or thickness available to enable accurate adjustment of the AEG inter-gear gap.  (0.1mm*6pcs, *6pcs, 0.3mm*6pcs, 0.5mm*6pcs)0.15mm

Precisely shimming the gearbox minimizes the up-and-down play of gears to reduce noise and enhance smooth operation, as well as inter-gear efficiency to reduce load.

  1. To adjust the gap between the gears and gearbox housing.
  2. To adjust the gap or height between the 3 gears (sector gear, spur gear, and bevel gear) to minimize friction against the gearbox.

Gears must not be shimmed too tightly to avoid over-stressing the motor resulting in damage.

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