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Modify Anti-Reversal Latch for TM Series Ver.2/Ver.3

Modify Anti-Reversal Latch for TM Series Ver.2/Ver.3

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Modify Anti-Reversal Latch for TM Series Ver.2/Ver.3

M16/ M4/ MP5/ G3 AK, AUG, G36, MP5K & SIG

 If you have the problems below, you should change your Anti-Reversal Latch...

  1. You lost the spring of the anti-reversal latch when you install your gearbox parts.
  2. You got hurt or nearly hurt by the unreleased AEG spring when you open your gearbox.


Modify Safety Anti-reversal Latch

The Modify Safety Anti-reversal Latch is designed not only to stop the AEG gears from reversing safely and efficiently but also to allow you to release your AEGs spring safely and quickly.

  • Precision machined of stainless steel and Hardening Heat Treated improve durability.
  • Special E-Ring prevents loss of the spring.
  • I-Shaped Groove on shaft allows AEGs spring release before the opening gearbox.
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