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Chihai 460 Yellow Short Motor

Chihai 460 Yellow Short Motor

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Chihai 460 High Speed Motor and Metal Gear-B for JM Gen.8 M4  


Pure copper wire winding: the rotor part is made of pure copper, with small resistance and strong conductive, so as to increase the torque of the motor
D-shaped axis, easy to install, not easy to slip
Two fan shaped magnets are arranged in the motor to form a large magnetic field and increase the torque from the side
DV 11.1v test: the speed is 32000RPM, and the maximum efficiency is 105W
Fit: JM gen.8 M4 gearbox
Applicable: used by people over 14 years old.


Colour: As Shown
Material: ABS + Metal
Product Size: 4*3*3cm
Product Weight: 450g
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