Owning a Gel Blaster - gel balls coloured

Owning a Gel Blaster

Here are some important things to remember when owning a Gel blaster.

  • Be sure to fully charge your battery before use. The charger will flash red whilst charging and turn a solid green colour when completed charging.


  • Hydrate your Gel Balls in water usually between 3 - 4hrs (depending on the type of gel blaster). Keep your Gel Balls in a sealed container, free of water when not in use, (we recommend a bucket with a lid, empty 2Lt bottles). Load your Gel Balls through the latch on the side or top of the magazine. Make sure you empty out all the water before loading the Gel Balls as water can damage the magazine internals and may void the warranty. When you are finished using your Gel blaster, remember to empty your magazine of Gel Balls, if you have not already - (always good to check). Shoot out any that might be stuck in your blasters barrel, and please keep your Gel Balls in a safe place away from small children.


  • Store your Gel Blaster out of sight in a Gel Blaster Bag when not in use (as required by QLD Law). 



  • It is an offense to take your Gel Blaster out in public as this may cause alarm. This offence carries a fine/or jail time. Please do not take your Gel Blaster out in public. They are for use in a controlled environment only.


  • When transporting your Gel blaster, it is recommended that you keep it concealed in a bag or container. Only transport your Gel Blaster as necessary (to an organised event for example).




  • DO NOT SHOOT PEOPLE UNEXPECTEDLY! This may cause injury. Ensure you wear suitable eye protection when using your Gel Blaster.


  • Don't leave your battery charging at home unattended. It can overheat and cause a fire. Always detach the magazine and battery from your blaster when not in use.


  • Don't leave any Gel Balls in your magazine as they will shrink and jam the Gel Blaster. Also, don't put dehydrated gel balls into your magazine or Blaster as this may also cause damage to the Gel blaster. (The gel balls need to be soaked in water). And please do not freeze your Gel Balls.



  • Please see our Terms and Conditions for information regarding Returns/Refunds.
  • All Gel Blasters come with a 30 - day Manufacturers warranty. Please remember that - if you - modify, tamper with, or dis-assemble your Gel Blaster the warranty may be void. Evidence we find relating to modifications, tampering, dis-assembly, or the issue is a result of misuse/force (man made damage), warranty will be void. Any costs occurred repairing the Gel Blaster including return postage costs, will be at the purchaser's expense.



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