Well M4 CQB Nylon w/metal gearbox

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Close Quarters Battle (CQB) aka Close Quarters Combat (CQC) is a tactical concept that involves a physical confrontation between several combatants. It can occur between military units, police/corrections officers and criminals, and in other similar scenarios.

It usually consists of small units or teams engaging the enemy with personal weapons at a very short range in warfare. In the typical close-quarters combat scenario, the attackers try a swift, violent takeover of a vehicle or structure controlled by the defenders, who usually have no easy way to withdraw. Because enemies, hostages/civilians, and fellow operators can be closely intermingled, close-quarters combat demands a rapid assault and a precise application of lethal force. The operators need excellent proficiency with their weapons and make split-second decisions to minimize accidental injury.

  • Nylon CQB Close Quarters Battle Well M4
  • Metal GearboxRevised well magazine
  • 11.1-volt USB chargerUnhydrated gels (please note M4a1gelblaster recommend NOT using these gels and using Ausgel branded gels for best results)
  • Nylon iron sights11.1 battery