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Polarstar Gel Blaster Jack V2

Polarstar Gel Blaster Jack V2

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Polarstar Jack V2 "Gel Blaster" Drop in engine

The Jack allows for easy velocity adjustment. Using a standard M4 gel blaster as an example, velocity can be adjusted from below 100fps and up to approximately 500fps with a 7-8mm gel ball. Longer barrels will increase the maximum FPS while shorter barrels will decrease it. The maximum cyclic rate of the Jack is affected by several factors, however, 30 rounds per second is a conservative number. Most configurations will exceed this easily. The JACK is extrememly efficient. The patent pending design of the Jack allows for the most direct air path to the nozzle with minimum dead volume resulting in better flow, faster response and less air used per shot. Using a stock Modify XTB as a test platform, the JACK was able to fire approximately 1200 gels for a 13ci/3000psi cylinder before pressure dropped below regulated output.

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