Well Revolver Long

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The “Long” size revolver is fantastic for those who want maximum heft in their side arm the G296D Hand cannon has maximum intimidation factor.

A very solid metal revolver will add confidence and look fantastic in any kit. 

 The G296 range of revolvers are the first C02 revolvers on the market

Usage tips. With the nature of the C02 a slower pull of the trigger will have you hitting 280-300 as the gas has time to pressurise for a better fps rating a quicker firing will lower the fps as the gas has not had time for maximum pressure.  It is also best to use good quality CO2 with oil mixed in to maintain the seals in your revolver, cheaper co2 canisters may not contain oil.



  • Full metal body
  • Nylon pistol grip covers
  • 7.45mm ID inner barrel
  • 6 alloy shells 
  • Working safety 

Package Includes:

  •  1 x Co2 Powered G296D revolver 
  •  1 x Instruction booklet
  •  1 x Stop and think campaign leaflet
  •  1 x usage sheet (cylinder instruction and warning)


 Please remember to check all local laws regarding the usage and ownership of gelblasters in your particular State or Territory.

 Use protective eyewear at ALL times as the incorrect usage can lead to eye damage.

 Gelblasters must be concealed during transport and used in designated areas.

 N.B. CO2 Cartridges not included

Cartridge size compatible for the Revolver is12g non threaded.

These cartridges are available from our Queensland stores only due to being unable to ship them to South Australia (safety restrictions). Cartridges are also available from your local Firemans Stores.