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Custom Modify Gel Blaster

Custom Modify Gel Blaster

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Get your hands on this custom built XTB Modify gel blaster, built in-store by our own gel blaster expert!



- Modify XTB Stinger used as a base

- Handguard changed to a bronze Modify M-Lok 13" handguard

- Outer barrel changed to a Modify XTB Scorpion outer barrel

- Barrel changed to a Modify XTB Cobra barrel

- Modify suppressor installed

- 70% cylinder changed to a 100% cylinder

- Radiused gearbox



FPS: 330~ feet per second with an S90 spring!

RPS: 25-30 rounds per second


Also Included:

- Ace Power 7.4V LiPo battery

- PTS EPM Magazine

- 10,000 Alpha King Gels 


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