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Chronograph Speedometer E9800-X

Chronograph Speedometer E9800-X

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Chronograph Speedometer E9800-X is a Gelsoft chronograph with high quality and accuracy.

(1) LCD screen display
(2) Measuring initial velocity, cycle velocity, kinetic energy per unit area, and distance
(3) Thickened and strengthened PC panel design
(4) Power display function, can be set to save power automatically shutdown function, low power automatically remind protection protection shutdown function
(5) 30 sets of initial speed test data can be memorized
(6) ABS engineering plastic case
(7) Screw holes on the bottom can be mounted on the camera stand
(8) Removable sun-treated metal inner tube and horn design, convenient and durable
(9) 25MM diameter speed measurement channel, more reliable speed measurement
*Assorted colours (Black,Tan,Blue)


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