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Aztech Hellfire CNC Hop Up

Aztech Hellfire CNC Hop Up

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Hellfire!!!!!!  CNC Muzzle brake styling to enhance your blaster both visually and performance wise.

Using the same internal design and technology as our long proven Muzzletek hop up that changed the face of gelball accuracy and range capabilities.  Now with the outstanding appearance to match the performance.

The Hellfire side ports disperse gases and vapor just like the real thing.  The Hellfire has Tool-less adjustment by turning the front face of the housing to apply more or less hop through a 90 degree adjustment rotation.

Universal fit for 14mm Counter clock wise thread for gel blaster rifle outer barrels and inner barrel maximum 12mm longer than the outer.

(Please note the 12mm, any more than 12mm and the inner barrel will make contact with the inner tongue of the hop unit and will either break the inner or push it out of its seat, we would recommend 10mm or 11mm maximum OR don't turn the hellfire all the way onto your outer barrel to ensure it doesn't make contact.)

This gel blasters hop up is CNC aluminum tough and will add that much needed distance to your new M4 and AK variant rifle.

Fitment Instructions:

  • Thread the Hellfire in a reverse direct until threaded all the way on(maximum of 12mm) making sure to be careful that the inner barrel doesn't make contact with the rear of the internal tongue. If it does make contact, unwind the hop until it has clearance.
  • It more than likely will not have perfect rotation alignment to set the hop ramp at 12 o'clock
  • Rotate to set the alignment correctly then use the side grub screws to hold the Hellfire firmly in the correct position
  • To adjust the hop up, Turn the slotted end cap to lower the hop ramp, the cap rotates just 90 degrees offering 8 settings
  • If a permanent fixture we would recommend using a low strength loctite to hold the side grub screws in place and if you wish a small amount on the main thread from hop to out barrel.

Designed and hand assembled in Australia! 

Hop up Material: CNC alloy outer cage 5 Axis CNC milled in our machine shop in                                   Taiwan.
                          : Injection molded Polypropylene inner tongue made in house here                               at Aztech Innovations

Adapter Material: Slotted CNC milled alloy

Thread of main hop up: M14 CCW

Adjustment: Tool-less, rotate the front face for adjustment 

Fitment: 1.5mm Allen key for the 2x side locating grub screws.

Replacement Inserts are available Separately.

To replace the inner assembly of the adjustable tongue, remove the front adjuster cap, ensure to use substantial amount of heat to release the loctite holding the stainless grub screw for the adjuster cap.  If you don't you may strip the 1.5mm Allen head grub screw. If you strip the stainless steel grub screw then there is a high chance of ruining the CNC outer to get it out.

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