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Aztech CNC Range Warrior Barrel Fit Hop Up

Aztech CNC Range Warrior Barrel Fit Hop Up

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Aztech's Range Warrior hop up uses the highly proven and perfected muzzletek internal design but is now available in a barrel mounted slim line option to suit all gel blasters with metal inner barrels.

Made from precision machined CNC aluminium, the outer casing is strong and robust to ensure a tight and solid fitment. Using a proprietary multi claw barrel mounting system ensures a perfectly cantered, rotate and movement free fitment that is slim enough to disappear inside a suppressor cover if you wish. You may need to sand the outside of your outer barrel to ensure a solid grip if you find it comes off.

We have two designs, one that is simple and non ported design. The other is CNC ported for looks and overall finish. 

Our injection moulded ABS internal hop unit uses the exact same design as our incredible Muzzletek hop up, but the Range Warrior is now a completely tool less fitment and adjustment by hand only, suits all metal inner barrels with outer diameters of 9mm to 9.7mm.

This gel blasters hopup is much needed in the gel blaster world, bringing max distance and accuracy to your M4 and AK variant rifle. Designed, Parts made and assembled in Australia! 


We have 6 options available. 3 colours in CNC ported or Non ported design.

Gold, Black and Red with CNC ports

Gold, Black and Red - slimline Non ported.

Hopup Material: Inejection moulded ABS

Adaptor Material: CNC alloy

Suits Metal inner barrels 9-9.7mm

Adjustment: Tool-less adjustment by hand

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