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Gel Blasters have become a popular trend for people to engage in the sport of gel balling. It’s relatively new but has been gaining traction, especially in Australia. The idea is similar to paintball where players try to tag each other in a remote setting. Generally, there are two teams that take each other on, and the last remaining team wins the match. The majority of gel blasters are made from plastic with a metal motor that propels a gel-soft pellet or gel blaster balls and AH Tactical have a wide range of stock available.

What You Should Know Regarding a High Power Gel Blaster

To expand on what exactly a gel blaster is, it’s used to deliver hydrated water gel balls out of the mechanism. It is safe to use and will not harm friends and family. Before you buy gel blasters online, you should empower yourself with knowledge about them.

  • The gel balls are also referred to as jelly beads, and they are non-toxic. , They’re environmentally-friendly and made from water. When purchased, they are small plastic balls that require soaking. They must be soaked in water for 4 hours to expand to the preferred size. Balls that have not been hydrated will adversely affect the blaster itself.
  • You don’t require a license to purchase or own a gel blaster as it is a toy. However, it’s critical to know that it’s not legal all across Australia. States and territories vary regarding the ownership and use of gel blasters. It would be best to consult the state and territory laws where you live before making the purchase.
  • Gel blasters are different to airsoft in that they are plastic, battery-operated toys. Airsoft uses plastic pellets and compressed air to operate. The other critical factor is that airsoft is illegal in the country.

Tips to Buy Gel Blasters

If you’ve adopted gel balling as your hobby, then you’re serious about the sport. Owning the best equipment will set you apart from the competition. Hence, you should consider these tips to give you an edge when it's crunch time.

  • Gel balling is fun, not competitive, and in the heat of the battle, you tend to sweat profusely. As a result, the blaster takes on moisture, which makes it difficult to grip. When acquiring your powerful gel blaster, you should consider accessorizing with a striated or contoured rubber that improves traction. Nylon grips are also an option.
  • The battery is as critical as the blaster itself. Without battery power, you’re just holding a piece of plastic. Always acquire a battery that includes the necessary connectors. While AC chargers are common, you must think about portability. You don’t want your battery running out at awkward moments. Hence, source a charger with AU plugs or USB connectors.
  • To avoid possible jail time or a large fine, you must have a proper storage plan. Several bags offer the ability to store your blaster safely. Furthermore, when you’re heading into the competition, you require a bag that can carry all your necessary components. Find a bag with sturdy stitching and zippers and ensure it has an adjustable sling to simplify carrying the load around.

The Benefits of a High Powered Gel Blaster

With all the obstacles that life throws at you, it’s essential to have an outlet. People select a hobby to deal with that such as golf, going for a spa-day, and now gel balling. Engaging in the sport indeed has several benefits.

  • People find going to the gym difficult, partly because your mind is aware that you’re going to put your body through some paces to achieve results. Competitive gel balling contributes to your body’s positive physicality. With actions such as running, jumping, ducking, rolling, and hiding, it serves as excellent cardiovascular exercise. Continuously engaging in the sport will result in weight-loss and an increase in strength if a proper diet is maintained. Furthermore, you will enhance your endurance as your body acclimatises to the workload.
  • Added to the physical benefits, gel balling assists with providing a mental boost. Generally, it’s challenging to take a break from life. Even when you’re on holiday, work emails and calls still come through, causing your mind to remain active when it shouldn’t. Letting loose in a gel ball match allows your mind to be free. Winning a game provides a massive self-confidence boost, something you could be lacking.
  • Since the sport is new, gel ballers love having people try it out. The community, as it stands, is very welcoming, offering advice when required. Attempting gel balling creates a new social circle for you, people who you’d probably never been friends with before. The common thread of the sport unites friends and even families that want to spend an afternoon bonding.

Why Trust AH Tactical Regarding Gel Blasters Online

We have over a decade of experience in providing hobby products and gel blaster parts. We stock a wide range of gel blasters ranging from plastic to full metal versions. All our products are of a high standard, and you can rest assured you’re receiving the best around. Should we not stock a particular product you’re interested in, let our team know and we’ll try to assist you.

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